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Dan Turner

Dan Turner began his journey with bonsai in 2007 when he received his first bonsai as a gift. He quickly caught that infectious bonsai bug and his tree collection took off along with his unrelenting thirst for information and knowledge about bonsai. He has been fortunate enough to have the honor to work with several of the finest bonsai professionals and traveled to bonsai events throughout The United States making numerous friends along the way. In 2012, Dan was humbled to have won the Prairie State Bonsai Society People’s Choice award. Additionally, Dan received a first place ribbon in the 2013 Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit in the novice division. He was also a participant in the 2013 ABS Joshua Roth new talent competition. Dan is on the executive boards for The Prairie State Bonsai Society and The Midwest Bonsai Society, both in Illinois. He also serves as a bonsai mentor to beginning bonsai enthusiasts. Dan strives to continue to grow personally in his bonsai development and help others achieve their own goals while promoting the art of bonsai and encouraging its growth among hobbyists.

Andy Smith

Andrew Smith is the owner of Golden Arrow Bonsai in Deadwood, SD, a bonsai nursery that specializes in collecting yamadori specimens from the mountains of the western U.S. and training them as bonsai. Smith began studying bonsai in 1994 after becoming interested in the ancient dwarf tree specimens he was finding on local cliffs and rock outcroppings. Today he collects and sells trees through his website, as well as giving lectures, workshops and demos at bonsai gatherings throughout the U.S.

Arthur Skolnik

Arthur Skolnik has been practicing bonsai for some 40 years.  He runs a bonsai business in Toronto, although his main occupation is a landscape architect.  He has studied bonsai in Shikoku, Japan, where he lived and worked with a bonsai grower in 1984.

His 58 minute long DVD, “The Growing Art of Bonsai”, is considered by many well-known and respected sources as being the best English language video on the market. Currently he has several more projects in development.

Arthur has been instrumental in the development of bonsai as an art in Canada, and has served on the Board of Directors of BCI, ABS, and the Toronto Bonsai Society.  He has helped to organize many bonsai and Suiseki conventions and shows. He writes, demonstrates, and lectures extensively throughout North America.

Martin Schmalenberg

Martin has been doing bonsai and collecting stones for 40 years, has traveled to Japan on 6 occasions, and worked and studied for awhile there in 1989 and 1990. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe to visit bonsai and viewing stone collections and collaborate with artists. Martin has a long history with ABS -he organized the 2006 Saratoga ABS bonsai exhibit and was the creator and editor of the ABS North American Bonsai book. Additionally, Martin is one of the organizers of the International Viewing Stone Convention held bi-annually in Hershey, Pa.  He has headlined numerous symposiums including the World Bonsai Convention held in Puerto Rico as well as 5 ABS conventions and Golden State in California. Currently, Martin is devoting himself full time to bonsai at his Stillwater Studio in New Jersey.

David Hodgetts

Dave, who moved to the U.S. from the U.K. in 1985, has been a physician assistant in ophthalmology for nearly 30 years. Living in Albany, NY, he began his bonsai training with Pauline Muth in 2007 and has since studied under Michelle Andolfo and, more recently, with Martin Schmalenberg. Dave is an active participant in his local club, Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society, has exhibited at the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Society's annual meetings and is working on several potential submissions for future National Exhibitions. He won the Mid-Atlantic regional round of the ABS/Joshua Roth New Talent Contest in 2012 and placed second in the national competition in both 2012, in Denver, and 2013, in Saratoga. In collaboration with his mentor, Pauline, Dave has also recently started his own small business, DJH Bonsai.

David Easterbrook

David Easterbrook retired in 2011 from his job as curator of the Montreal Botanical Garden’s bonsai collection. During his long tenure at this institution, he was instrumental in soliciting donations from Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and Vietnam.

He is a founder and past president of the Montreal Bonsai and Penjing Society. It is now one of the largest and most active bonsai societies in North America having over 400 active members. As well as monthly meetings, it offers four levels of bonsai classes, three study groups and several workshops. In 1988, David chaired the ABS Annual Convention in Montreal. He also served on the ABS Board from 2005 to 2008.

David pursues hectic teaching schedule both in Canada and the USA. In his “spare” time, he cares for his personal bonsai collection with the help of over a dozen of his assistants.

Dr. Douglas Hawley

As a practicing physician, medicine is Doug’s first hobby; but bonsai is a very close second. Doug first became interested in bonsai as a medical student in the late 1970’s. Somehow he maintained interest without actually meeting another bonsaist for about 10 years, learning bonsai strictly from books. By the time he joined the local Cincinnati club, he already had a large collection of bonsai, but his knowledge and skills grew more rapidly once he developed communication and relationships with other bonsai enthusiasts. He was president of the Bonsai Society of Greater Cincinnati from 1996-98; he was on the Board of ABS from 2000-2002, and has been an ambassador for BCI. His trees have won numerous awards in bonsai shows, and have been featured in publications. Doug has also written many journal and website articles, but is best known as co-author for the ABS Bonsai Regional care series; he actually did all the research and writing for this series which included 32 articles published from 2004-2012. Doug has several special interests in bonsai: pine, azalea, buttonwood, and specifically has an interest in mastering a variety of species. He is also interested in the stylistic history of bonsai, and in collecting books, especially antique and vintage Japanese bonsai books.


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